Our Horses

Honey is a 19 year old mare that has been working with the client’s at Car-ynne 4 Kids for the past 12 years.  She was purchased from a horse trainer that had her performing as a reining horse.  She is a laid back, “only do what you ask” kind of girl, that thinks she is a prima donna.  She loves the therapy world where she is not pushed to work hard.  She has an amazingly smooth gait and will do anything for a treat.  She has been used in horse shows with Car-ynne 4 Kids clients.


Poco Dee is a 22 year old retired barrel racer.  She joined the therapy world 4 years ago and has done marvelous.  She loves to ride outside of the arena and on trails.  She has learned how to read the clients needs and adjust accordingly.  She loves when the more independent riders can trot her.

Wrangler is a 23 year old retired rodeo horse. He traded the rodeo arena for the therapy arena 1 year ago. He is such a well trained horse that he worked into the program without a single hiccup.  He has been an amazing addition to our team!  He is so calm and will do anything we ask.  He could work all day long and not get tired of it. 

Rocky is a 23 year old gelding who was graciously donated to our program 1 year ago.  He LOVES attention and is a perfect fit for this work.  He seems to be a client favorite….not sure if it is because of his amazing coloring or because he loves people and sticks his head out the window when anyone walks by.  He has great manners and worked into the program in a matter of days.