Car-ynne 4 Kids offers one on one therapy sessions provided by a licensed therapist.  After the initial evaluation, the team (including the therapist, client, parent, doctor, etc.) develops a treatment plan and goals.  The treatment sessions range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, with each session customized to address the treatment plan.  Therapy sessions not only include “riding” time, but may also incorporate ground work, including walking the horse, grooming and tacking the horse and mat table exercises. These activities are also a vital part of developing the skills necessary to address each individual’s treatment plan.

 Car-ynne 4 Kids offers therapy to individuals ranging from 2 years of age to adulthood.  The functioning level of the client can vary from severe physical and cognitive deficits to clients that are ambulatory with cognitive/sensory/behavioral deficits.

Car-ynne 4 Kids is contracted with multiple county agencies, such as Developmental Pathways, Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC), and Rocky Mountain Human Services (formerly Denver Options).  They work together to get hippotherapy services funded with the money allowed through the counties, which in turn allows the county agencies to bill Medicaid.  Car-ynne 4 Kids also accepts private pay clients.  We work with the families on resources for funding the therapy, be it non-profit organizations, grants, etc.

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Developmental Pathways

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Developmental Disabilities

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