Hippotherapy riding Poco Dee is the best hour of Tyler's week. Not only does he get to spend time 
with horses, he learns how to care & prep for riding. The therapy part is an added benefit he doesn't 
mind because it is soothing, fun and engaging. Thank you Theresa for finding what gives his life purpose.

 - Tyler's mom

While working with Teresa and her kind horses, Honey and Tina, our son Max has dramatically improved his core strength and flexibility.  Teresa has wonderful insight into Max's needs and his ability, she can push him while keeping him happy and entertained.  She also has fantastic volunteers. We would, without hesitation recommend her team at Car-ynne 4 Kids every time. 
​ - Stephanie Thomas
        Max's mom

Hippotherapy has been an amazing experience for my son Jeffrey. He has become an independent rider and takes great pride in his horseback riding accomplishments. Responsibility, independence and learning how to take direction have been just a few of the skills he has learned in this program. I wouldn't trade it for the world - nor would he!
- Julie Carey
   Jeffrey's mom

Hope has known Theresa since she first tried hippo therapy when she was 7-8 years old and was more like a small rag doll on the horse. We started with someone riding on the horse with her and moved to the support of two side walkers. She started out very low tone and not much trunk strength. She also had lots of medical issues and sensory integration issues. One of our biggest concerns was the curvature of her spine in several areas but especially the upper back. I don't know what to say about Theresa short of that she is a miracle worker. If you saw Hope riding today at 22 years old you would not recognize her as she maintains her balance essentially on her own and even holds the reins (truly a miracle with her tactile defensiveness). The other unheard of miracle- the curvature in her spine has actually improved since increasing the number of times she rides a week. Theresa understands and relates to Hope even though she is non-verbal and knows how to challenge her without upsetting her. Hippotherapy with Theresa has been therapy on steroids but the best thing is it is so much fun

- Dana Held
   Hope's mom

Thank you so much for coordinating this! My kids both got to ride, Joel even got the chance to take a second ride and he was SO exited to go!  I can’t say enough for Teresa from that runs the program and her volunteers, everyone was SO friendly and so wonderful to all the kids there.  My kids both really enjoyed themselves and really enjoyed the whole experience.  It was great to see Joel getting to do something that he normally wouldn’t get to do!

 - Joel's mom

I can’t thank you enough for taking us on.  This Friday timing couldn’t have been any better for us.  After years of terrible, epic, meltdown Friday’s, this therapy has completely changed the mood and tune of our day. Your team, your organization, your sweet kids and of course your animals are a huge blessing.

- Colton and Riley's mom


Thank you for all you do for Patrick, and kids like him. These last few months have been MAGICAL for us. Patrick is making connections, expressing himself, and showing care and concern for others - all things he could not do well before he started with you. We appreciate everything you do - and your staff are absolutely amazing, too!

- Patricks mom